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Fleet Software from the People Who Know Fleet Vehicles

We already know the hardware, so we know how to create software that is fully integrated with your vehicle components, and puts the insights you need in one place. Whether your fleet is made up of gas, electric, Ford or non-Ford vehicles.

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Works Harder at Working Smarter

We know what it takes to keep a vehicle on the road and on the job. That’s why every Ford commercial vehicle is equipped with a standard embedded modem. It makes it easy to access the benefits that come with Ford Pro™ Intelligence⁠ software. So you can stay on top of important things like maintenance and energy usage while potentially lowering your cost of ownership.

It’s All About Uptime

Get vehicle and charger alerts to stay on top of proactive maintenance, plus schedule service from directly within the software so you can keep your fleet where it should be: on the road, and on the job.

All Your Insights. All in One Place

We created an easy-to-read display that provides insights on your vehicles, chargers and daily fleet activities all in one system.

Potentially Lower Cost of Ownership

Ford Pro™ connected solutions could reduce total cost of ownership anywhere from ten to twenty percent.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

You can’t be in every vehicle at once. Ford Pro™ Telematics⁠ allows you to access OEM-grade data from virtually anywhere on one convenient dashboard. And since it works directly from the embedded modem in your vehicles, you don’t have to rely on extra plug-in devices.

Ford Pro Telematics

Get a real-time window into your fleet and help optimize your business. Monitor vehicles and evaluate driver performance with live GPS. Plus, analyze fuel consumption or EV range, idling time and more.

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Ford Pro Telematics With Dashcam

Adding dashcams with Telematics insights can help protect against false claims and help boost productivity by monitoring driver performance such as speeding, harsh braking, and distracted driving. This can assist fleet managers in helping their drivers make needed adjustments.

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Command and Control

When you subscribe to a fully integrated system, not only do you get insights, you get the ability to command your fleet and control your vehicles. For example, Fleet Start Inhibit which allows you to schedule a specific timeframe that your fleet vehicles can be started. Additionally, features like GPS fleet tracking and geofencing allow you to see where your drivers are in real time. And Trip History allows you to see where they've been that day. Plus, we’ll be adding more helpful features in the coming year.

In-Vehicle Coaching

Your Ford Pro™ Telematics⁠ subscription includes In-Vehicle Coaching, an audible alert system that monitors driver behavior in real time. Once you’ve enrolled eligible vehicles, you can set custom driver parameters, such as speeding threshold, idling duration, acceleration sensitivity and more.

Ford Pro Data Services

Already have your own proprietary software? You can still get OEM-grade data sent directly to your telematics service provider with Ford Pro™ Data Services. It requires no installation and once connected, it’s always on to provide deep insights into your vehicle health. Plus, we’ll be there to help with everything from enrollment to onboarding to continued customer support.

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Ford Pro™ E-Telematics

In addition to everything provided by Ford Pro™ Telematics, this EV-specific software unlocks additional features to manage your Ford electric vehicles, including real-time charge and range status, remote preconditioning, and tools to manage driver reimbursement for home charging — all accessible from an easy-to-use E-Telematics dashboard.

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The Right Tools for Your Small Business

Our productivity tools are designed to help small to mid-size businesses streamline their operations and can even automate tasks all in one place. In short, they’ll help you do more with less.

Ford Pro Fleet Management

Take control of your fleet operations with less hassle from paperwork and spreadsheets. Ford Pro Fleet Management⁠ is a portfolio of software and services that can simplify your process by digitizing your tasks so you can focus on the work that needs to get done.

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Vehicles That Bring the Smarts

Our vehicles offer the legendary on-the-job performance we’re famous for. But they’re also equipped with the technology needed to take advantage of these software solutions.

Ready to Connect

All class 1-7 commercial vehicles come equipped with the standard embedded-modem. So you can take advantage of our software solutions with no aftermarket equipment required.

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The Vehicles You Rely On. Now with Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Our electric versions of the vehicles you know and trust are designed to help you reach evolving business goals and even potentially lower the cost of maintenance. Plus, our software allows you to track energy usage, managing charging, billing and reimbursement and more.

“Data and software is very important in running our business. It's how we keep everything in line and in order, whether it's from the financial aspect to the logistics of boots on the ground to payroll to even our fleet management.”

- Marissa Ledbetter-Foster, Foster VP of Operation Partner, Vino Farms