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Get a real-time window into your fleet and help optimize your business with Ford Pro Telematics software. We'll show you how.

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Telematics Benefits that Drive Business

Ford Pro Telematics is software that powers productivity. Compatible with any make or model of gas or electric vehicle, it provides real-time OEM-grade data on a convenient dashboard. Plus, there’s no plug-in device needed on modem-equipped Ford commercial vehicles that are 2020 model year or newer.

Stop Waste

Stop Waste

Help increase the efficiency of your business. Analyze fuel consumption or EV range, idling time and more.

Find Your Fleet

Find Your Fleet

Keep an eye on all the roads. Monitor vehicles and driver habits with live GPS, geofencing and more.

Maximize Uptime

Maximize Uptime

Keep your fleet on the street. Get alerts about warning lights, oil life and recalls. Plus, schedule service right in the app.

Ford Pro Dashcam

Introducing Ford Pro Telematics With Dashcam

Help protect your business. Combine high-quality video footage with driver performance alerts for a clearer view of your fleet

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Features Made for Your Fleet

Help maximize your business right off the bat or start with the essentials — no contract needed.

Features Made For Your Fleet

Ford Pro Telematics Essentials

Complimentary for the life of the vehicle

Ford Pro Telematics

$20/mo. per vehicle

User-Friendly Dashboard
Vehicle Health Insights
Dealer Scheduling
Maintenance and Service Tracking
GPS Fleet Tracking and Geofencing
Fuel Efficiency Analysis
Ford Pro Telematics Drive App
Location and Trip History
Non-Ford Vehicle Support
In-Vehicle Coaching
Vehicle Security

Get More Out of Ford EVs with E-Telematics

Enjoy all Ford Pro Telematics features as well as real-time range and charge status, remote preconditioning and home-charging reimbursement.

No Contact-No worries

No Contact - No Worries

Make sure Ford Pro Telematics is right for your business. We’ll walk you through the benefits, or you can try it out — commitment-free.

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Telematics FAQs

Is my vehicle equipped with a modem?

Most 2020MY Ford vehicles and newer are outfitted with a built-in modem. Incompatible vehicles include:

  • i. 2021 E-Series Cutaway/E-Series VN127
  • ii. 2021 F-650-F-750 Medium Duty
  • iii. 2020 F-59/53 (Motorhome)
  • iv. 2020 F-150 Workhorse (XL version)

How do I add my modem-equipped vehicles to my Telematcis account?

Once you’ve established your log-in credentials, it’s time to fully activate your Telematics account by adding the VINs for eligible vehicles in your fleet. Before adding new VINs, make sure to review the checklist “Vehicle Readiness for Enroll and Unenroll,” which you should’ve received in your onboarding email. You’ll enroll vehicles through your Ford Pro Marketplace account. Once logged in, navigate to the “Vehicles” tab on the left side of the screen. Click the “Add Vehicles” button and fill out the pop-up form. You can enter vehicles one at a time or add vehicles in bulk by downloading a CSV template, populating it with your vehicles’ information and uploading the file. Make sure to click the “Add Vehicle” button, and your enrolled vehicles will immediately appear on the Vehicles tab with an Action status. For more detailed instructions, check out this step-by-step tutorial. If you’re still having issues uploading vehicles, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Ford Pro Intelligence Team.

How do I get a Plug-in Modem Kit for my older Ford and non-Ford Vehicles?

You can order Plug-In Modem Kits via your Ford Pro Marketplace account. Each Kit costs $129 and includes the plug-in device (PID), as well as an accompanying splitter and harness. The PID easily plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. Please note that your Kit may take up to 30 days to be delivered. The richness of data available via a PID is determined by the age and capability of the vehicle

How do I upgrade from Essentials to the full version of Telematics?

Upgrading your active Telematics Essentials⁠ subscription is a quick and easy process that can be completed within your Ford Pro Marketplace account. Vehicles must be re-enrolled, and the upgrade requires two ignition cycles. This process could take longer depending on the vehicle’s location and its current use.

How do I add In-Vehicle Coaching

In-Vehicle Coaching is an audible alert system that monitors and corrects driver behavior in real time. To access this feature, you must have an active Telematics subscription⁠. You can add In-Vehicle Coaching at no extra cost through your Ford Pro Marketplace account. Once you’ve added eligible vehicles, you can set custom driver parameters, such as speeding threshold, idling duration and acceleration sensitivity. For step-by-step instructions on this process, check out this video tutorial.

How do I add Vehicle Security features?

To access vehicle security features, you must first be a Telematics⁠ subscriber. If you’re already subscribed to Telematics, you can add security features through your Ford Pro Marketplace account. By remotely configuring a collection of security alerts, you’ll be notified if a fleet vehicle is being misused outside of business hours or is involved in a traffic incident. A vehicle’s ignition does not need to be turned on to track its location.