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At Jordan Ford San Antonio, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers! Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

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Ford Tech Talk

In late 2016, a new specification of diesel motor oil, API CK-4, became available. Following extensive testing, Ford concluded that some CK-4 motor oils could potentially lead to high-mileage engine wear in Ford diesel engines. In response, Ford developed its own specification of diesel motor oil – WSS-M2C171-F1. This new specification of diesel motor oil has been designed for use in all Ford diesel engines and is available now. Motorcraft offers this new oil in 5W-40, 10W-30 and 15W-40 viscosities. To help protect your Ford Super Duty diesel engine and your warranty, remember to look for the WSS-M2C171-F1 specification on the bottle.

Learn about the diesel exhaust fluid system or DEF in your diesel truck. See how the system functions, the importance of the system and tips to maintain the DEF fluid system. If you have further questions please reach out to us at 614-836-6607.

Learn how the diesel engine fuel system works. The importance of maintaining the fuel system and the why behind using Ford Motorcraft parts when replacing your primary and secondary fuel filters. If you have further questions please reach out to us at 614-836-6607.

We’ve confirmed we are bringing an all-electric F-150* to market. Now, we’re showing you the capability you asked for by having it tow more than 1 million pounds.** Who says electric vehicles can’t tow?